Pride Month is a celebration of all the efforts of the queer community, that go into making the world a little more inclusive every day. But with each passing year, brands have made it more about PR and marketing. We keep forgetting that it’s all about knowing that ‘love is love’ and treating all love as equal. 

Sounds simple, no? Well, if you’re brought up in a society like ours, it’s not. And, Swati Sachdeva’s stand-up is the reality-check we needed, coated in desi-ness that’s relatable AF.

She starts off by talking about everyone who’s an ally, or at least call themselves one. And well, let’s just face it, most of us know or do very little, to be self-proclaimed allies. When she confronts people about the ‘B’ in LGBTQIA+, they think it stands for ‘bohot saare lesbian’ – and we shouldn’t be surprised if she tells us that it wasn’t a joke.

Oh and, how we’ve started using rainbows to show our so-called support. When in-turn most of us deep-down think that bisexuality means that the person is ‘confused’. Or how for others it’s more about – “shaadi opposite ‘gender’ se karr lena.”

Of course, coming-out to the world, specifically our parents, might not be the easiest emotion to deal with. But Swati managed to make us crack up with every possible desi joke. From parents who do not know our ‘secrets’ to fathers who are only worried about ‘ladki ki shaadi’. 

And the fact that coming-out to her family is also about, papa ka kanyadan ka sapna todna.

Well, it can easily get dramatic, and she’s not lying. 

You can watch the complete stand-up here. You MUST. 

We all need a Swati to make us giggle, while she throws real-life in the face.