Tell me the last time you wore sweatpants? Everyday, since…? Oh, I am sorry. I think I forgot we live in a post-formal wear era, where jeans and bras are the most underused things. But do we regret it? No. So, do we love wearing-sweatpants-all-day-and-lounging-in-the-bed-looking-like-a-homeless-person-stuffing-on-nutella phase, that never seems to end? Hell yeah!

Today is the International Sweatpants Day, to honour the second best innovation in fashion, the first being making corsets go out of business. (I can’t even begin to imagine having an anaconda-esque cloth thingy tied around my waist, crushing my Jell-o-esque tummy by that corset.) 

So, a French designer, Émile Camuset, decided to do humanity a favour and design sweatpants in the 1920s, and tada! Fast forward to today and this clothing item has always been in fashion.

We started wearing sweatpants in 2020 as a lockdown outfit. Its been two years, and we haven’t stopped hence. Be it office meetings, online classes, WFH or Netflix n’ chill, these trousers have been there for us. They seem to say, “Babe, your hoodie will leave your side as soon as you have to switch on your camera, but we won’t. We’ll not leave the post, er, butt and stay on guard.”

What are the major advantages of pants that sweat, sweaty pants, pants-y sweat, sWeAtPaNtSsssss? (Disclaimer: Reader is advised to read the previous sentence in a Michael Scott voice modulation.) The bigger it is, the better it gets.

They make you look fit and healthy, as the traditional definition associated with sweatpants is workout. So even when you haven’t worked out for a millennium, they save your ass. Now you can continue stuffing that extra cheese pizza into your system. 

They have this adhesive quality, that once you put them on, you can’t, won’t and shouldn’t have to get out of them. Morning walk? Check. Getting dressed for work (from home)? Check. Having lunch? Check. Working on laptop (either on bed, sofa or worst case scenario, table)? Check? Watching TV? Check. Sleep? Check. Sweatpants ek, functions anek. 

You can say you follow French fashion and go on to show-off your sweatpants, telling people about their origin story. If they agree, you’re the new fashionista in town. And if they don’t buy it, you have a *joke* to begin your conversation with. 

Did I mention they are the comfiest and the BEST?

Now that we have discussed the nitty-gritties of, drumrolls please, ~sweatpants~, let’s go further. When we have been celebrating the sweatpants day everyday now, what new can we do today? Lemme tell ya. 

You can go window shopping for new sweatpants. Not window shopping, but Windows shopping. Shop online. Get fuzzier, cuddlier, cuter pants and you can honour them!

You can wear another set of sweatpants and give the one you usually wear a little rest. Well rested sweatpants are the happiest sweatpants. 

You can pull out an old pair of sweatpants and get all creative. Brighten them up with acrylic painted butterflies, embroidered flowers and some embellishments. When they look all cool and chic, those trousers will give you their blessings. 

Or you can maybe do your laundry?

What about spending the day on the living room couch rather than the bed? Although your lovely sweatpants will get the same butt, they surely will get a new environment.

Talking of butts, why not do a butt exchange? Trade your sweatpants with your sister for the day and viola! Sweatpants get a whole new experience.

Wishing you all an International Sweatpants Day as I sit writing this article in my sweatpants: from me and mine to you and yours.