There are certain movies that are so bizarre, you just wish you could have been a fly on the wall during their pitch meeting. That brings us to a specific scene in the movie Mersal, that we’re going to dive right into below. Your mind is about to be blown, so use protection.

It starts with a woman choking on coffee at the airport. 

Like she straight up dies.

That’s when this knight in shining lungi comes running to the rescue.

You’d think he’d give her CPR? Nah, ya basic. He slices her throat open with a credit card, sticks a straw into her windpipe, and brings her back to life. 

Everyone at the airport is happy, especially the lady who started her day with a coffee and now has a GAPING HOLE IN HER THROAT.

Watch the video posted by magic_beatz143 below. 

People online understandably had a few… thoughts on the matter.

Whoever made this film – share your stash?