People these days are getting more innovative with the wedding invites and posters. Recently, someone posted a picture of a flex banner-cum-wedding invite spotted somewhere in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

The banner looks like an Instagram profile page.


The comments show that wedding flex banners are quite common in South Indian states.

This is something I used to see only when we traveled to Tamil Nadu. Now for the last few years, I’ve been seeing this trend here in Kerala too. – ____mynameis____I’ve seen these quite a lot in south India but rarely seen in North India. – greenmonkey48Weird flexes for marriages will never go out of fashion in Tamil Nadu lol. – psnarayanan93  

While some netizens found the idea creative…

Impressively creative. – ashutosh_ray_That’s so creative. – weirdthoughts247Creativity at its best. – da_eternal_

… Others think it’s a waste of money.

Useless ideas. – incognito2020s  I had seen this type of advertisement in South India only mostly in Tamil Nadu. Marriage is supposed to be personal affair and i don’t understand the purpose of putting it into flex. – Running-cheetah

A few people also noticed the picture of a dog on the right side.

That dog in the poster be like. 1st comment. Love that Jake Mani the dog is included. – petty86The dog’s photo is the highlight. – Electronic-Sentence5

What do you think about this flex banner?