One of the key takeaways from being in lockdown has been that too many of us are hopeless in the kitchen. Our culinary abilities only extend to toasting bread, boiling eggs, and if we’re feeling a little extra – adding laal mirch. Luckily, even famous people seem to be feeling the burn (or lack thereof).

Tanmay Bhat’s vlogs, which were taking off in a big way, had to be cut short due to lockdown. However, he’s now been putting up videos of himself trying to cook, and it’s the most relatable content ever. 

Along with his hapless accomplice Naveed, Tanmay first attempted to cook a paneer chilli dish. As he explains, there’s basically 2 steps to the process. Step 1 – find a friend who can cook and make them stand next to you. Step 2 – Find recipe on YouTube and copy exactly.

If you’re lucky, there’s at least one person in your house who can cook. But even they need a break sometimes, and that’s when shit really hits the fan (along with a lot of food).

Struggling in the kitchen is a part of life. However, it’s been forced upon us like a slap in the dark, and things are getting pretty tough. In fact, it’s looking something like this – 

This lockdown has made chefs out of the most stubborn of us. Our rotis have become rounder, our palettes have become more refined, and we now actually know all the masalas in that round dabba

Unfortunately, measurements are still a bitch to figure out.

The only way ahead is to fake it till you make it. So take some sweet snaps of your newly minted dishes, shrug off the atta from your shoulders, and judge the people on Masterchef like anything.

Chopping onions is a complex process with a lot of layers, pun intended. 

Onions man. They be crazy.

And of course, we have to consider what our dear parents would have to say on the subject.

Here’s another one of his videos just so you can feel better about your own cooking, or at least get inspired to fail terribly in the kitchen.

Bas, aur kya chahiye. We’re all chefs now, whether we like it or not. So put your best apron forward and enjoy it.