Ever since Kiran Bedi became the Lt. Governor of Pudducherry, she’s been doing some awesome work. We know that ’cause she’s always tweeting about it.


So while the entire nation is still grappling with the problem of open defecation, she decided to take some solid steps to prevent that under her regime.

By distributing THESE t-shirts to kids.


Now while we fully agree with the fact that defecating in the open is nothing to be proud of, NOT defecating in the open is also nothing to boast of.

Imagine wearing this t-shirt to college.

Source: Kiran Bedi


Or at a family get together. 

Maybe, she knows better than us. Maybe we need to trust her instincts a little more. After all, she WAS voted the ‘most trusted woman’.

 Next stop, textile ministry. Right, Kiran ji?