Taurus season is here. Time to show these stubborn yet charming AF souls some love.

1. A Taurus is born without flaws. Or at least that’s what they firmly believe.

2. They’re the starters. Not so much, the finishers.

3. Procrastination is their default state.

4. Did I mention, they’re flawless?

5. And they LOVE to win arguments.

6. When the Taurus’ lack of angry outbursts leads to one yearly volcanic erruption.

7. When Karma does its magic on their enemies, the Taurus has a peaceful sleep.

8. But when it comes to their partners/BFFs, they’re fiercely loyal and possessive.

9. They’re ambitious. But also lazy.

10. Taurans emotions are like sparkling wine. They bottle them up, but it comes out to mess shit up around.

11. Anxiety, thy name is Taurus.

12. Did I mention they have a bit of an anxiety issue?

13. Maybe, it’s because they put things off till the last moment.

14. Usually when they’re procrastinating, they’re probably having an exitential crisis.

15. Or doing other things that they love to avoid the task at hand.

16. But they won’t procrastinate when it comes to charming your socks off.

17. If they love you, you have to love the same things as them.

18. They love drama, so I guess drama is one of those things.

19. And well luxury, these loving souls love them some fine things.