You know Mia Khalifa, don’t you? If you didn’t before, you just googled her. You have that privilege. Unfortunately for a certain teacher in a certain classroom, ignorance proved to be a matter of embarrassment. 

India Today

But just in case, you didn’t recognise her, here is another picture to help you remember:


Now the attendance procedure in any classroom is a complicated process, mostly due to the existing system of proxies, which a teacher is mostly aware of. In this case, however, someone went a step ahead and added Mia Khalifa’s name in the attendance register.


And the innocent teacher, unaware of the treachery that awaited him, called out the name, you can guess how students that laugh at fart jokes would react to that.

 The worst part was the look on the teacher’s face, who remained unaware of what had just transpired to produce such a reaction.