Nikhil Anand, who teaches science and maths on social media platforms, used a mathematical equation to calculate the ‘colour’ of a bear. 

No, there’s no error in this statement.

The Teacher Uses An Equation To Calculate The Colour Of A Bear
Credits: Twitter

In the video, the teacher asked if a bear falls from a height of 10m in √2 sec, what would the color of the bear be. While it might sound like an impossible question to solve, the teacher had a logical answer to it.

He explained that the value of gravity calculated equals the gravitational force that occurs at the poles. Therefore, the bear must be a polar bear and the color of the bear would be white.

While some netizens were impressed with his skills, others couldn’t help but be glad that they had opted for commerce, back in their school.

Here’s what they had to say:

Looks like we need to brush up on our knowledge!