There are those of us who know a bit of us who know a bit about technology. There are very few of us who actually know a lot about technology. However, there are hundreds of us who don’t have the slightest hint about tech and feel like Deedee from Dexter’s Laboratory. This article goes out to you my brothers and sisters. I feel your pain.

1. You have no clue what to do when your internet conks off. All you can do is switch the router on and off.

2. When setting up a software, there are two options. Standard and Custom. You get scared of custom and always click on Standard.

3. That feeling of amazement when someone finally told you about Incognito Mode on your browser.

4. The most you can do when your phone freezes or glitches is turn it on or off. And when that doesn’t work…

5. Your friends keep taunting you about that Yahoo! e-mail address you still have. And it is probably so silly that you can’t even say it out loud in public let alone put it in your C.V.

6. You just can’t understand why despite having the most bad-ass Anti-Virus software out there, your computer is plagued by viruses and malware. Oh. Maybe because that Anti-Virus probably IS the malware.

7. You don’t accept the existence of cloud computing. And you cannot understand the “cloud.” Clouds are in the sky, dummy.

8. You are absolutely petrified of conducting online transactions. There are so many internet hackers and con artists waiting to steal your money anyway.

9. You don’t understand why you can’t transfer files to an iPhone with Bluetooth. That would have been perfect. But the nerds of the world had other things in mind.

10. And remember that time when you bought a Smart TV to feel like a boss? And then you couldn’t figure out the wonky geek box and went all Hulk on it?

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