The life of a social media personality is a life full of edits. From the process of filming a video, to fine-tuning it with the help of edits, cuts and music, to posting photos that go through layers of filtering before being posted, the end result that reaches the audience is not quite what it started off as. 

Chinese teen vlogger Your Highness Qiao Biluo’s fans learnt the hard way that the ‘cute’ looks she was famous for, were in fact heavily edited

The vlogger was popularly called a ‘cute goddess’ by her loyal fans – some male patrons even worshipped her and gave her money. But these fans were in for a rude awakening when on a live-stream on an app called Douyu, a glitch caused all her filters to stop working and reveal her true identity; that of a 58-year-old woman.

Daily News

This revelation has left fans angry and in shock, and most of them demanding their money back. Although the internet and its reaction was not kind, Qiao Biluo has clamied that it was all a part of a conscious stunt to attract more fame. It may have worked too, since her Douyo profile has since gained 650,000 followers.

Your highness Qiao Biluo has now been banned from the streaming site. 

Audiences across the world are now actively talking about the prevalence of double-standards when it comes to beauty in China.