Let’s face it: These days, cafes are more talked about for their aesthetics and ambience than for the food they serve. However, in an attempt to stand out, this Thai café went too far with its theme.

If you’re looking for a quirky café to visit, how about one filled with condoms of all hues? Well, I can sense an awkward silence. 

Let us now take you inside the Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city; the restaurant will astound you with its rather unusual decor.

Right from the statues’ dresses to Santa’s beard to even the hanging lamps, everything is fashioned in different colours of condoms. As a result, the cafe has garnered the attention of many tourists and locals.

However, the theme of this café is intended to convey a message about the significance of family planning. Posters, photos, and quotes are used to raise awareness about themes such as safe sex, birth control, and the necessity of family planning, among many others.

In fact, after each meal, the café offers free condoms to all of its visitors! Isn’t that a high level of brilliance?

Much to our amazement, the bio of its Instagram page also says, “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” How cool that is!

Twitter has some thoughts too. 

Would you visit this café? Wait, I hear “Is that even a question?”