PM Modi is a man with personality. He isn’t dull. 

So you can love him or hate him (jk no one hates Modiji), but you can’t ignore him.

India TV News

And like every famous person with personality, he has some very big responsibilities on his shoulders. 

Influencing people or whatever that is, but more importantly, giving them memes. 

Which is something he is brilliant at. Memes and Modi (ji). A Match made in heaven.

I mean, look at this template:


And this:

Twitter/Aman Aggarwaal

These meme templates have given people followers, helped them achieve KRAs (cc: ScoopWhoop social media team) and got them likes which is all that matters really. 

Thanks for the contibution, sir. 

There are some iconic ones too. Remember these?

Twitter/Ninda Turtle

The scope of making memes out of these is so much, I HAD to make some from his other photos. 

Thanks for giving an outlet to our emotions Modiji. Humne bohot benefit kiya hai.