Remember that ‘Morning’s Here’ guy from Friends? The cheery guy who used to sing about sunshine and a new day? 

Well, let’s just say my constant state of mood for THAT is a Rachel. 


Not because I am not a morning person (which BTW I am not), but just because what the hell is cheerful about mornings anyway? 

In fact, when the hell do mornings even happen now? 

Come on, the way coronavirus is spreading all over the country, most of us are either working from home or just really have managed to form a habit of a fucked up daily rountine. 

Now in this routine, one ends up sleeping at 3 am in the mornings and wakes up at well… definitely not in the morning. Basically, now we are doing nothing that we usually used to do as a normal decent human being.  

Seriously, what even is our motivation to do mornings now? 

It’s not like we have to wake up early to make our breakfast before office or get up extra early just to wash our hair. It’s not like we have to book a cab on time so that we don’t get late for office. In fact, now that we don’t have to go to the office, I can’t even recollect what the hell was the point of mornings?  

I mean, those ‘proper schedules’ seem like a joke now. 

The concept of breakfast is completely out. Jab bhookh lage toh khaalo, khana banana toh humein hi hai.  

Exercise? How was it done? And why do I have 10,000 pairs of sport shoes? 

Moreover, mornings are for those who have something to look forward to. Now it just feels like the same day is repeating over and over. 

In fact, it feels we all have become a millennial version of a zombie. Who sleeps for 15 hours, hogs whatever they see in sight and posts 10,000 years old pictures on Instagram. 

Yeh kya zindagi hai, bhai? 

So, thanks to the pandemic and the fear of contracting this highly communicable infection, we have not only forgotten how to socialize with people in person but now have forgotten to have a life. (Literally)

Gee, another achievement unlocked.