There's weird shit happening the world over, but it's still amazing how some situations can be totally chill one second and complete bonkers the next. The term ' that escalated quickly ' got famous because of this very nature of human existence. Roads break, people go crazy and goats revolt - that's just how life goes people.

Here's a bunch of situations that got out of hand WAY too quickly!

1. "Y U DO THIS, human!"

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2. One word - Overbooked.

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3. We got a badass over here.

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4."I can drive this thing with my butt!"

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5. "That's the secret to the smoothest shave - a little love"

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6. The Pied Piper got a little carried away.

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7. I wonder if that big bike feels lonely around all them little bikes.

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8. "One moment I was driving down the road and the next second - BAM! - missionary."

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9. Mother Earth got hungry.

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10. " Dude, I hope my mom doesn't see us!"

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11. They treat everyone equally... even The Hulk.

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12. You've been warned.

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13. "Imma get on that plane, homie"

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14. Make up your damn mind hostel!

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15. All roads lead to Kottayam.

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16. This battle has gone on long enough.

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17. Santa's just around the corner.

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18. "Hallelujah! He touched it!"

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19. The world of arranged marriage is cold and cruel.

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20. But the water's perfect!

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