A long, long time ago, when we were first introduced to the word ‘fuck,‘ it used to be a bad word. As we grew older, it was used more casually and more frequently to express an emotion that can be roughly worded as ‘oh shit,’ english for the more rustic ‘tatti.’ 

But after that came these post millennials Y2K types and Gen Z, who managed to effortlessly bastardise the F-word as we knew it. Now ‘fuck‘ means everything and yet, nothing.

Now we use it when we’re happy, when we’re upset and when we’re angry.

We use it so much, it seems to have lost its dramatic effect.

Which brings me to the way more underrated, and often looked down upon desi word: Tatti

The T-word is still pure (figuratively speaking) and unadulterated. It effectively expresses the most aggressive form of disappointment.

And it is way more effective as an insult as compared to an unimaginative ‘fuck you.’

So, why is it that it is judged as crass and ganwaar? Why does ‘fuck’ enjoy the legitimacy of being normal while ‘tatti’ gets so much hate that is uncalled for.

I mean, I can use ‘fuck’ 10,000 times in a sentence and I’m still classy, but the minute I casually say ‘tatti khaaley‘ I get death stares. I mean, we even use the word ‘shit’ but hey, that just cute. That’s not even a cuss word. But ‘tatti,‘ oh my god, that’s disgusting. Right? 

But why? Is it because it’s an Indian word? In that case, aren’t we being racist? And elitist? And basically full of tatti? We’re better than this, aren’t we?

If you consider yourself a true Indian, stop shaming the word ‘tatti.’ Embrace it. 

Deep inside, you know it. ‘Tatti, ‘ the word and the object, are both more satisfying than ‘fuck.’ So, stop this unfair discrimination. Be Indian, and join the movement. Spread the word about the Indian word with these tatti products.

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