For the last week or so, people have been commenting on The Great Khali’s profile, requesting him to do strange things.

For instance:

There’s no reason why this is happening, it is just one of the trends that get famous and everyone jumps on them.

Excpet this time, people may have taken it too far because Khali had to remove the comment option from his posts.

Anyway, he wasn’t the one to be silent about all this, so, in his recent video, he addressed these questions and also answered them in the most Khali style ever.

For example, someone had asked Khali to land an airplane on the forehead. To which he responded, “Mere ya tere?” (trust me, it’s funny when he says it).

Meanwhile, someone else asked him to separate Hydrogen from Oxygen in water, and he said, “Phelewaan hun main, scientist nahin hun main”.

The video is an advertisement, but still, it was fun seeing Khali give it back to the trolls. You can watch the clip, here: