I like watching Bollywood movies for entertainment. I love watching bad Bollywood films for content. But what I love even more is ruining them for lols.  

My apologies in advance. 

1. Kabir Singh

Pretty much Devdas, with new and improved aggression, medical malpractice and toxic masculinity. You can watch with your eyes closed though, because the music is great.

kabir singh meme bollywood poster

2. War

Watching War is a confusing experience with Hrithik and Tiger looking exactly like each other.

war meme bollywood film

3. Saawariya

This Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie launched three stars: Sonam, Ranbir and Ranbir's butt. The rest of the movie was basically 50 shades of blue.

saawariya meme bollywood

4. Good Newws

I wonder why the movie isn't called Bad Newws though.

good newws meme bollywood

5. Student of the Year 2

I love SOTY 2 because it has everything from nepotism to Tiger's 18-pack-abs to amazing dialogues like "loser, loser, loser, duffer." Yeah, it's like Archie comics, but more comical.

student of the year meme bollywood

6. Vicky Donor

Vicky is basically every sperm bank's wet dream. Kudos to the unusual storyline and the non crass treatment. 

vicky donor meme bollywood

7. Race 3

Race 3 has so many twists and turns, it'll give you a backache. But that's your business, none of their business. 

8. Raanjhanaa

Look who's stalking. 

raanjhanaa meme bollywood

9. Tamasha

The first half is a tourism campaign for Corsica and the second half is a heart wrenching narrative of shedding societal expectations to emerge as your true glorious self. Must watch for all arts-has-no-scope-science-karo type parents and relatives. 

tamasha meme bollywood

10. 3 Idiots

A detailed handbook of the great Indian education system with some dosti and love feels. Also, dudes in their 40s tryna be college kids.

3 idiots bollywood meme

11. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Adventure time with Bunny. The movie is all about Bunny's friends, Bunny's trips, Bunny's dad, Bunny's ambitions, Bunny's career, Bunny's dilemma, Bunny's love life and Bunny. 

yeh jawani hai deewani meme bollywood

12. Aashiqui 2

Why is everyone crying all the time? Song. Why is everyone crying all the time? Song. Why is...

aashiqui 2 bollywood meme

13. Om Shanti Om

This movie has two concepts that are so fresh, we haven't seen them in any movie ever: poonar janam and humshakal. Double yay! Also, let's not forget SRK got 6-pack-abs so that he could wear a construction helmet and do dard-e-disco. Respect.

om shanti om meme bollywood

14. Pati Patni Aur Woh

Just look at the meme below. That's basically it. So now you can skip the movie and move on with your life. 

pati patni aur woh meme bollywood

15. Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Pawri hori hai. Freak accident. Shaadi hori hai. 

The end.

hum aapke hain koun meme bollywood

16. Andhadhun

Conniving, manipulative and deliciously twisted, Tabu as Simi is one of the most unforgettable villains you'll come across.

andhadhun bollywood meme

17. Zero

Nothing to explain here. Nothing to see here.

zero bollywood meme

Any more movies you want us to ruin for you?