Being an only child in the family comes with its own pros and cons. 

Some days are absolute bliss while somedays are spent lamenting over why couldn’t your parents just conceive one more child. It is a mixed bag of emotions that one feels as a single kid. I am not a single kid but when I meet one, I already have these preconceived notions of them in my head. Of course, there are days when I wish I had no sibling, but you realise that everything comes with its share of good and bad.

From being asked if they are pampered a lot to not having to share anything at all, here are a few truths a single child knows all too well. 

1. You always need a lot of personal space.

2. There are certain holidays you just can’t celebrate!

3. You are a Joey when it comes to sharing food with others, because hey, you don’t share anything.

4. Sometimes, just sometimes, you wish you had someone to play with or share a life with.

5. You end up getting 10 calls a day from your mother, to check if you are fine.

6. “Sab kuch tera hee to hai, beta.”

7. You had an imaginary friend while growing up.

8. You literally have no one to play with.

9. They all think you are a spoilt brat!

10.  Your family’s future rests solely on you. No pressure!

 The good news? You are your parents’ favourite child.

Comic illustrations by Rashi Khandelwal