Us men, we’re not really known for our skills when it comes to relationships. Electronics? Sure. Got car trouble? Let us at it. Need to know the latest software to upgrade your machine? That’s what I’m talking about. But we do know more about relationships than we let on, whether it’s with people or things. In fact, some of our deepest and most meaningful relationships, are often our weirdest:

1. Our gym trainer

This is the guy who’s helping us mould our body to perfection. Or at least, something close to that. What’s that? 50 push ups? Coming right up!


2. Our razors . There’s an unsaid rule about these things. “Never use another man’s razor…”


3. Our mechanic

You know all those car jugaads we like to show off in front of the rest of the gang? Yep. All him. Thanks, bro.


4. Our coach

Back in the day, this man was more than just the guy who told us about the importance of the straight elbow or how to swing the ball. He was our go-to-guy, our second father and our life coach.


5. Our first cricket bat

But before any coach or family elder taught us the intricacies of the game, our bat was our first teacher and our first friend. Much like the wands in Harry Potter, you just know when a bat is meant for your hands.


6. The waiter at our favourite restaurant

He’s the guy who’s got our back. Whether it’s the biggest the discounts, the most awesome deals or the best portions, he’s the man with a plan. In the restaurant. Probably not otherwise.


7. Our favourite team

Cricket, football or hockey. Nothing quite takes us along the epic highs and despairing lows of life as much as our favourite sports team. And no, don’t say it’s just a game. Cuz it isn’t. And it never was.


8. The watchman

Whether it was hostel (college or school), or the colony, this was the guy who stood between us and our bed. When you meet someone so often, mostly in the wee hours of the night, you’re bound to strike up a relationship.


9. The TV remote

After a long day at work, all we want is something to relax to. Something to remind us that there are better things out there than 9 straight hours of relentless and (sometimes) thankless work. Thank you, TV remote, our great friend.


10. Our local auto driver

This was a relationship that took a while, but once the foundations were set, there was nothing like it. Need a shortcut? Go to him. Short on cash but really need to get to your date? He was your guy.


11. The late-night food delivery guy

Our saviour. Many a night, this scooter saddled conveyor of God gifted nourishment has been ready to drive through rain, cold and heat, just to deliver us from our hunger.


12. The office canteen guy

Of course, hunger cravings don’t hit us only in the middle of the night. Sitting in front of a computer screen, checking out crazy YouTube videos sure helps you work up an appetite. And when the emptiness of our stomachs is matched only by the empty space in our wallets, cue the cafeteria guy to the rescue. Thanks, buddy!


13. That one famous sportsman we’ve never met

This is one relationship that no words will ever do justice to. Emotionally. Spiritually. Subconsciously. This connection just resonates on every level. Yes. Lift my life above the mundane.


14. The TV helpline guy.

Because God forbid we don’t get to watch the game tonight.


Here’s to the people and things that matter to the Indian male.

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