According to the Urban Dictionary, it is an act of expressing passion and desire for one another. For most of us, our first glimpse into this world of kissing was through the movies we watched growing up. With those of us who have elder siblings, we may have caught them a couple of times with their girlfriend/boyfriend and wondered how this actually works.

Of course, none of us quite figured it out until that one evening (that now must never be spoken of) when we went to the movies with our boyfriend and had out first kiss ! Some of us are still figuring out how to perfect this art and unfortunately, some of us will never be able to perfect it, though we may be in that neighbourhood. 

We just decided to have a little bit of fun, and give names to the different kind of kisses, that we for sure have experienced in our lives. Take a peck!

When he’s a kissing virgin.

A tactic we have all used at some point.

So he doesn’t ask for a vote.

She just bought that lipstick and it’s not MAC. 

He really does want to know. 

Clearly, an alien concept.

Take a break to straighten yourself out.

 That kiss we have had different versions of.

Getting my own cab home, thanks!

Might as well! 

 Do you kiss and tell?

Design Credits: Utkarsh Tyagi