I don’t know about y’all but not having to worry about what to wear, repeating my look and choosing not to suffocate myself in bras during the lockdown is something that has put my mind and my lazy ass at ease. 

Now, while most of us have embraced the sweatpants and PJ life as our #QuarantineLook, there is a new dress-up trend that’s taking off on social media. 

#QuarantinePillowChallenge is the new viral trend where literally everyone is dressing like a human pillow. All you have to do is, strap a pillow around your body with a belt. 

While most of us were happy with ditching our bras during social-distancing, fashionista bloggers Stylebynello and Myforteisfashion started this viral trend by posting a picture of their pink and blue pillow-dresses. 

Well, soon enough, the fashionistas on Instagram started following this trend along with their creative makeshift looks: 

While some accessorised their look with fun headgears, most of them paired this chic comfy, ‘woke up like this’ look with a glass of wine.  

And of course, there were some very interesting, improvised variations of this viral trend: 

That’s not all, Netizens from all age groups also participated in this viral trend: 

Um, excuse me, why should Hoomans have all the fun? 

Well, looks like this will soon become the bold runway look of the quarantine season.