The one thing that separates us Indians from the rest of the world is the fact that unlike others, we aren’t bound by the concept of time. We aren’t confined by the ongoing trends. Instead, we make our own. Yes, we’re like that only.

Don’t believe us? Well, here’s proof.

1. Even our langurs run Michelin-star restaurants.


2. Even our cycle rickshaws run on diesel.


3. We’re so agriculturally advanced, nobody grows the kind of fruits we do.


4. These boots are made for walkin’, but we chose to drive them.

Business Insider

5. Even our wedding cards are digitized.


6. Mobiles are so passé. We use our sarees to access social media. 


7. Tablets are so obsolete for us, this is the only purpose they serve now.

The desi wonder woman

8. Apple has already launched a product here that it hasn’t launched in any other part of the world.


9. We don’t even need land anymore to grow our crops. We grow them on our heads now.

Chill talk

10. Even our animals can speak human language now.


11. Architecturally, we’re light years ahead.


12. We’re done with the concept of money. Even our snacks are cashless now. 



 13. With that amount of experience, our education system is miles ahead of everybody else.


14. Not only can we Google food, we can also get it delivered by the same search engine.


15. We have the quickest subways in the world.


All the best catching up with us, world.