The internet may have pretty much taken over the magazine business entirely, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few still fighting it out in the big bad publication business. And some of these fighters, much like a fighter who gets drunk at the bar, gets super violent and aimlessly starts yelling how his mom is the best in the world, would weird you the EFF out.

Here are some of the world’s most bizarre, and yet, 100% real magazines for your amusement. Did I mention they were completely real? ‘Cause they are. Enjoy.

1. Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine

Is this really a magazine that talks about miniature donkeys, or a magazine about miniature donkeys THAT TALK?! Who can say for sure..? Weirdos who buy it can.

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2. Portable Restroom Operator Magazine

Yes. Now, the next time you want to refer to yourself as a ‘PRO’, it’ll be ruined by the fact that that’s the name of a magazine about folks that deal in mobile shitting equipment.

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3. Cranes Today Magazine

The Cranes Today Magazine talks about cranes. Today. Which is, I presume, fascinatingly different from cranes yesterday. Or the day before.

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4. Private Islands Magazine

A magazine about private islands?! Seriously. Who’s buying this? The richest 1 per cent of the world’s population? They don’t need a magazine telling ’em what to do with their money! They hire PROs to do that! (not that kinda PRO, though)

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5. Sheep! Magazine

Umm. Okay. Even if I overlooked the fact that they created a whole publication for sheep, what on EARTH is that exclamation mark about?! Who is this excited about SHEEP? People literally count this very animal when they’re trying to fall asleep!

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6. OMFG Magazine (Official Meeting Facilities Guide)

While, upon closer inspection, this may seem like a legit magazine about people who like to hold a lot of meetings, its abbreviated title – OMFG – is enough for it to belong on this list. Imagine all the people who bought an issue, and only realised once they got home that it’s not about millennials texting each other with gossip about who hooked up with whom.

Top Tenz

7. Modern Drunkard Magazine

Alright, admit it, some of you are thinking, ‘Hey, I’d subscribe to this one.’ And I don’t blame you. This classic monthly publication dedicated to ‘alcohol aficionados’ is truly a gem of the educated society!


8. Serial Killer Magazine

Dedicated to all the true tales of murder and madness, and to the creeps that just can’t get enough of ’em. Because why the EFF not. Right?


9. Fashion Doll Magazine

And speaking of Creepytown! Dolls donning the latest designs, posing like dead, plastic models and going about their plastic-y doll lives is just what we need as a society that has a Serial Killer Magazine!


10. Spudman  Magazine

The most trusted voice in the potato industry. Except the only other voices in the potato industry are probably inside this guy’s head. Just saying.


11. Potato Review Magazine

I stand corrected. THIS is the other voice in the potato industry. No wonder Spudman Magazine is still around. If they folded (pun intended), then Potato Review would be the most trusted voice around. And all of the voices in my head are telling me not to trust it.

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12. I Love Cats Magazine

Umm. I guess I get it. But the existence of this magazine definitely raises more questions than it answers. Like, ‘Seriously?’ And, ‘Was the internet not ENOUGH?’

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13. Emu Today & Tomorrow Magazine

Just one thing. Why not the day after tomorrow as well? Are emu farmers around the world kinda into planning ahead but not too much?

Emu Farming Made Easy

14. The Croquet Gazette Magazine

Okay, we’re all thinking it. This magazine is not only infuriatingly niche, but it’s name is like Sean Bean’s! It feels like the words should rhyme, but they just… don’t.

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15. Model Airplane News Magazine

Oh. Yeah. Please, I need all of the news about tiny versions of airplanes that nobody can actually fly in! Phshh.

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16. Lighthouse Digest Magazine

Why? Just why?

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17. Twins Magazine

They’re siblings that look alike. Sometimes not even that. How the EFF did they create an entire magazine about them? And it’s been around since 1984! What is the world coming to!

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18. Girls And Corpses Magazine

Yes, it’s for real. Yes, yes, I saved the best for last. So if you’re looking to prank your conservative relatives with the subscription to a magazine that could potentially scar them for life… you’re welcome.

Girls And Corpses

Because there really is no end to just how weird this amazing, horrifying world of ours can be.