We all have a child inside of us. True. But, that shit needs to take a back seat for a bit when you’ve got a few of your own. Parents need to be responsible since their children are already building personalities at a very young age. Something, that these men and women here were never told.

Here are 20 photos of parents losing their plot and farting away their responsibility.

1. Very eloquent.

2. What can I say?

3. His future doesn’t look too bright.

4. That’s just not right.

5. Hold up. First the Tweet.

6. Alcoholic in the making.

7. What?

8. Her mom’s a Motorhead fan.

9. Puppy? No. Kitty? No.

10. Childhood memories of dad, obliterated.

11. The other one’s for mom.

12. We miss him.

13. Nobody should be subjected to this. Especially kids.

14. Like father.

15. That face!

16. They had it lying around. Why not?

17. Dad’s a Kurt Cobain fan.

18. No shits given.

19. Ruined relationship.

20. Oh, there’s a kid right there.


Let’s not reproduce any more. Please.

Masthead Source: youtube.com, Feature Image Source: parentfailure.com