As you must have noticed, when it comes to ‘certain’ foods, people can be quite polarized in opinion. But then there are always some people who may take these strong feelings to another level.

Take these 220,000 people for example. They are followers of a Facebook page titled “I Hate Coriander“. That’s right, a whole Facebook page dedicated to people who hate dhaniya

There are a plethora of dishes that inculcate coriander as a major part of their recipe, either as garnish or in base preparations. But there are still some people who think it to be the devil’s herb. And all of them follow this Facebook page religiously. 

Their ‘About’ section only consists of three words: We. Hate. Coriander. It is brimming with people slandering the herb; from hate-filled memes to selfies giving fields of coriander the middle finger, and even a ‘fuck coriander’ tattoo.

What did dhaniya ever do to these people that it is getting so much hate?

This is just one of the tamer memes on this page. Man, these people really hate coriander. 

The founder of the group is Jack Bailey, native to Sydney, Australia who has pounced on this gold mine of selling opportunity.

There’s even a website that sells merchandise boldly flaunting their favourite catch-phrase, on items like t-shirts, stickers, caps, bags and even framed posters.


There are actually proper studies conducted on why people hate coriander, and genetics might be to blame. When comparing the DNA of coriander haters to coriander lovers, the researchers found a gene thought to be associated with haters that found it soapy-tasting, instead of fruity as intended.

These guys can hate coriander all they want, but you best believe we will still be asking for free dhaniya from our mandi.