If switching jobs were an Olympic sport, Smriti Irani would earn the Gold Medal for India every few years. From modelling and acting to producing TV shows and eventually joining active politics, the trajectory of Irani’s professional life has been as unpredictable as Shikhar Dhawan’s form. 

And it was just a matter of time before the much loved telly bahu started taking major calls and bringing reforms in the education system of India as the Human Resource Development Minister. Several controversies and heated debates on Newshour later, today Smriti Irani finds herself standing at yet another career crossroads!

On July 5, 2016, PM Narendra Modi went for a Cabinet revamp which saw Smriti Irani getting demoted from the high profile HRD ministry to the head of the Textile Ministry. No wonder, the Social Medi went bonkers over the news!

Here’re our two cents on the new portfolio that Smriti Irani has got: