Bengalis. They are characterised by their love for literature and music, their immense store of knowledge about a variety of things, their infectious enthusiasm for pujo and their lip-smacking food, to name a few. Their quirks make them all the more endearing. Winter announces its arrival with the sighting of hapless kids covered up in monkey caps, picnics with loads of good food and adda, while pujo is preceded by frenzied shopping and then being out till the wee hours of the nights, pandal hopping. The Bong Sense has come up with these comics which accurately sketch Bengalis and their traits which will leave you smiling. Take a look!

1. Pujo, the best part of the year. 

2. Lyadh is just a part of being.

3. Throwback to the ‘kettli’ days.

4. It’s tough to resist ‘puchka’. 

 5. The customary fruit cake from Nahoum’s.

6. Sunday mode on.

7. Racing in Howrah station to keep up with the coolie. 

8. That time of winter again.

9. You’ll always run into holidaying Bengalis in Darjeeling.

10. And morning walks in Jadavpur University.

11. The whole family sits around puffing air into those inflatable pillows.

12. Everything is just ‘cholche’.

13. Mutton biryani. Been lifting moods since biryani.

14. “Ae baba, botam ta kothaye pore gelo aabar?”

15. The real showdown at home.

16. Biryani is true love.

Winter is here, monkey caps out.

All images from The Bong Sense.