What happens when your favourite cartoon characters from the 90s are faced with real-life 21st-century problems?

Tooniesis— an Instagram account paints this picture perfectly and makes cartoons more relatable than ever. These memes will perfectly capture your adulting mood.

Adulting what’s that? 

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When someone wakes you up before your alarm goes off.

I only diet from 9 to 5. 

Every Monday evening ever. 

Me and my best friend after giving each-other a mouth-full.

Looking back at our school pictures like.

Tom really gets it. 

Every Monday morning, ever. 

Sunday night rituals.

As hopeful as the last one.

When they finally call you after ghosting you. 

Pros at cherry-picking bad decisions.

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good morning

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The day after I drunk text or call my ex. 

But does that ever matter? 

Rules are meant to be broken.


A humble request to life.

What I do when anybody at home gives me work. 

Me after every horrible date. 

Attracted to toxicity like Winnie was to honey. 

Every Indian nosy aunty, ever. 

Answering every ’emergency level 100000′ calls.

Ever attempt to clear your life’s mess.

Me after everytime I warn my bestie agaisnt a fuckboi

That’s all folks.