Life keeps getting weirder and tougher as we’re growing older. Newer problems, newer struggles and a whole lotta ‘ugh’. Artist Maritsa Patrinos has captured these struggles in her quirky illustrations, and all we can say is – same. 

A 7-hour sleep feels like a 7-minute snooze.

The biggest fear when growing up is making all your doctor’s appointments yourself. Where’s my mumma?

I know what type of music I like, please give me 2 business days to get back to you.

If you thought growing up meant making healthier life choices, think again. 

Because these are what the healthy life choices look like. And we love it.

Every Monday we look forward to Friday. Then Monday is back again. WTF?

Spoiler alert!

How is it that our bed turns into heaven 5 minutes before we have to wake up?

The struggles of rush hours are universally applicable. 

Also, waking up early AF with nothing to do because this was supposed to be a break!

*cries for my clogged pores*

When the person who knows you better than yourself is your Netflix account. 

Ah, the infinite loop of burn-out. 

Remember those life-choices we talked about? They look a lot like these too. 

Still trying to figure out why I haven’t made any friends at work. 

Vacations are where the laws of reality don’t apply, so watch me lose weight as I eat twice as more. 

Growing older is just a committed relationship with your bed. 

You can follow Maritsa’s Instagram account and see more of her work there