If you are a fan of podcasts, you know how painful those Spotify ads can be. But if you are not, then this story is for you. Keeping up with the game of toxic positivity or making trivial things look profound, we all have come across podcasts on Instagram that is anything but motivational. I mean, the scripts and examples they come up with would depress our souls more. 

In this viral video, we see two guys hilariously making fun of how every podcaster makes the dumbest thing sound profound. It’s dead accurate!

Following that, he adds how because of societal pressure we humans tend to evaporate like boiling water. 

You can watch this awesome clip here: 

Twittizens are impressed with this clip and are having a chuckle some time watching it. 

While we struggle to find a deeper meaning in our lives, this viral video has hilariously simplified things for us. Now that’s how you find Khushi in dard.

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