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My fondest childhood memories are of those when my mother used to give me a nice hot oil massage while talking to me about my day and giving me some really important life advice along the way. Cut to today, when I’m a 25-year-old, who is juggling between work, social life and relationships and has no time left for herself. Obviously, taking care of my hair and oiling them has taken a back seat. Adding on to it, not only does it stain every little corner I sit on, but it is also really tedious to wash it off my hair. So choosing not to oil my hair looks like the only logical choice to me. On that note, here are 7 struggles that make us run for the hills when it comes to oiling our hair.

1. Your hair will look happier in your hands rather than your scalp after you give your head a nice rub.

Every time that happens I cry from inside.

2. Your wall is going to thank-you for that patch of oil mark you leave every time you lean on it for support.

You can wash it, scrub it, even repaint it. For all you know, it will come back again!

3. Good luck removing that indelible mark you leave on your pillow-cover after greasing it with your head the entire night.

4. Even if hell breaks loose, you have to have to wash your hair the next morning.

Unless you have no issues being called champu by everyone.

5. And well, we all know what happens after washing it twice, thrice or the umpteenth time.

One, you gonna be late to work.

Two, your head will still smell like you put it inside a bowl full of gobhi ki sabzi.

6. And quite frankly, it’s too much of an effort doing it yourself and wasting 20 precious minutes of your life OR going to the parlour and wasting 200 precious rupees from your wallet.

Do the math wisely.

So yaa… whoever said oiling is the best thing you can do to your hair, forgot to mention the consequences it has on the rest of our lives. No doubt, it nourishes your hair and makes them stronger, but being a woman on the move, it just looks like a lot of effort. Thankfully, to make things easier Pantene is coming up with its oil replacement cream to give you stronger hair without any hassle. And guess what? By sharing your last bottle of hair oil on social media and tagging the Pantene India page, you can win a year’s supply of this amazing new product. So how about #TelKoTelLagao now.