It’s all right, you’re stuck on a desk for the better part of the day, most of the week, and you’ve been doing this for a couple of years. Maybe you’re just one bad day away from a shotgun frenzy because your boss is an asshole. Therefore, I shall take this opportunity to give you some perspective, my good fella. You need it. As cliché as it may sound, someone’s got it worse. And, their shit life with a shit job makes yours look much prettier, trust me. 

Here are 15 jobs you’re glad you have someone else to do for you.

1. The deodorant testers usually hate their lives.

2. Not a very high life expectancy job, this one.

3. Ah, that’s where all that shit goes.

4. Imagine just one bad shot.

5. The taser testers.

6. Meanwhile in Japan, sumo wrestlers need their thongs fixed.

7. The stress with this one is too damn high.

8. Literally the shittiest job ever.

9. Not for the ones with claustrophobia.

10. When you need superpowers to figure this shit out.

11. The man can’t smell any more.

12. Lol. That face.

13. Do you even want to know what’s in that water.

14. All time low.

15. This could swing either way.

You counting your blessings yet?

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