What is the funniest or strangest robbery case you’ve come across? here is one you can tell others about if they ask you the same question. Allegedly, a man from Thane was caught touching an idol’s feet before stealing from a temple.


The CCTV footage from the temple caught the man walking into it, observing the surroundings for a couple of seconds before going on to touch the idol’s feet and picking up the donation box to steal it. 


The robbery was reported from the Lord Hanuman temple near the Khopat Bus Depot, Thane (W), Mumbai. Allegedly, the priest of the temple had stepped out for some time, and in that duration, this man decided to steal the donation box, which had ₹1000 in it. 


And reportedly, the man had an accomplice who was waiting for him outside the temple. After some investigation and asking residents in the area a couple of questions, Kejas Mhasde (18) and his accomplice Suraj Torane (21) were arrested. The police have confiscated the donation box along with ₹536 cash from their residence. 

We started making inquiries with residents of the area around the temple, working on the assumption that a local would be in the best position to know when there would be the least number of people present in the temple. We showed stills from the CCTV footage to a large number of locals and got several leads as to the identity of the suspects,

-Police Inspector, Sanjay Dhumal told Hindustan Times


What an odd thing to do before committing a crime.