How do you know if you’re a self-respecting individual? 

Ideally, you shouldn’t be needing anyone else to tell you that. But then, now that you’re asking, let me tell you. 

You’re on social media, right? Obviously. Everyone is. No guesses there! Now, you check your news feed first thing in the morning? That’s fine. You can do that. Posting pictures before going to bed? Sure. Tagging friends on random posts? No. 

When it comes to social media, most people are doing a LOT of things that they shouldn’t be. Especially if consider themselves mature, sane, self-respecting adults! 

What are these things? Social media etiquette lessons, coming right up!

1. Poking or waving unknown people on Facebook you don’t know. 

Just because there’s a button, doesn’t mean you have to click it! 


2. Sending out a million Candy Crush invites.

We’re in 2017, dude! The game was happening, like, many years ago.


3. Creating a different album for your selfies. 

A different album makes sense if it is a new holiday or occasion. A new day doesn’t demand a new photo album!


4. Changing your relationship status every time you change your relationship! 

There is always a place for it and this is certainly not one.


5. Blocking your relatives. 

So what if your uncle is on Facebook? Don’t put up stuff you don’t want them to see. 


6. Boys sending random messages and friend requests to girls.

Firstly, it is plain creepy. Secondly, GET A LIFE!


7. Posting pictures and/or bragging about drinking excessively. 


8. Putting up illogical political rants.

Don’t know enough? Don’t put up anything until you’ve read about it. Information without facts doesn’t make sense. 


9. Accepting requests from unknown people. 


10. Birthday or anniversary count downs. 

No one cares. NO ONE CARES!


11. Putting celebrity pictures as your profile image. 

I don’t even know how this even makes sense. Why don’t you like your own face?


12. Creating fake profiles to stalk people. 

Get a job. Or take up a hobby instead.


13. Posting chain messages.


14. Using incorrect words or grammar while posting. 


15. Liking your own post or pictures. 

How would you feel if you are licking your own self? It is pretty much the same thing! 


Don’t forget these important lessons!