We can never shut up when it comes to dissing everything cringey Bollywood does, can we? Be it the iconic (anti)climactic scene when the hero rises from the dead to save the damsel in distress, or the passive aggressive proposal scene where the heroine is kidnapped by goons, only to find her lover (correction: stalker) on one knee.

Well, this Reddit thread made us go WTF once again with their responses to the question, “What does Bollywood think is cute but it really isn’t?” 

1. “Sara dishing out Namaste at every opportunity, and non-opportunity. Especially the ‘Namaste darshako’…”


2. “Casual stalking of women in films which is laughed off by heroines once they fall in love. See Shahid Kapoor in R Rajkumar. If he didn’t look like Shahid Kapoor, no one would find that stalking cute.”


3. “Actors lip syncing to a song mid movies with no connection to the plot.”

4. “Weird cultural stereotypes. South Indians have funny accents, Muslim men all wear surma, Punjabis are loud and like to drink etc.”

5. “The whole pairing 50+ actors with young actors. How is that cute?”


6. “Hiding relationships. Like why can’t you just say who you are dating? It’s all obvious to the audience.”

7. “Flowerpot bimbo roles.”

8. “White women backup dancers, when Indian women backup dancers are usually better dancers.”

9. “Ranveer jumping up and down non stop. He’s very good looking and a good actor, excellent dancer but I always feel like having a lie down after watching him for two minutes when he does appearances on TV shows or award ceremonies.”

10. “Salman Khan still taking his shirt off, no thanks.”

11. “Shilpa’s binge faces – more like cringe faces.”

Times of India

12. “That stupid leg / heel arching pose.”

13. “Casting the same stereotypical eurocentric looking actresses / actors as leads.”

What do you think?