How many times have you watched your mother scream at your brother to finally get a haircut? Or told your friend that he really needs to start managing his finances so he doesn’t go broke at the end of every month? You may have lost count, but boys will always be boys. 

As genius as their easygoing ‘chalta hai yaar’ philosophy may be, it annoys the hell out of anyone who later has to deal with a messy room and smelly clothes. So, here are 10 comics that perfectly describe the things that guys don’t take seriously, but really should. 



While the efforts they put into their cool Dave Grohl-esque look can certainly be appreciated, it often just spirals downwards, guys. For the love of God, get a haircut.   


No, no, please, ignore my very important text while you try to slay the latest villain in a video game. I have all the time in the world.  



Start of the month: “Let’s go out to grab a bite!” 

End of the month: “Two packets of noodles? We’re not rolling around in money, you know.” 

Remember, guys, an anti-dandruff shampoo costs almost nothing.


Every guy’s philosophy: Live to eat or die trying.  


Okay, it may not be fair to blame you for this one. I mean, we all know how hard it is to remember dates… *Fake sweet smile.*


For once, we would like to enter your rooms and not feel like we just walked into a landfill. 


Guys everywhere: “Oh, I can’t squeeze the life out of my petrol tank by driving in reserve, you say? Watch me.” 


Guys, please spare us the horror of having to look at your barnacle toenails. 


There is a thin line between looking ruggedly handsome and resembling a homeless guy. 


All right, we can put up with the empty petrol tanks and the constant begging for power banks, but the one thing where we put our foot down is hygiene. Seeing dandruff flakes on someone’s shoulders is not only off-putting but also a near-death experience for our OCD-selves. So, take a page out of our diary and know that #DandruffNahiChalega. Put grooming on top of your list of priorities with the new best ever Head and Shoulders and set an example for others around you! 

Awesome designs by Aroop Mishra