To some, alcohol is the best thing that could happen to human kind. Although, some people imbibe this gift responsibly, some of us can’t help but get carried away! Instead of passing out and letting people enjoy their drinks, they do some incredibly stupid (read entertaining) things. But hey, what better excuse to do stupid things?

Here’s a list of 16 things, you might have done or seen someone doing after drinking one drink too many:

1. You always end up calling your ex. During this phone call, you experience an array of emotions: ranging from anger to sadness, remorse to elation!

2. You declare your love for your friends by hugging and kissing them all over and shouting ‘I love you man!’

3. You befriend complete strangers you meet in the loo, over deep conversations.

4. The number of fights you try to pick up is directly proportional to the number of drinks you have had, because every drink you have makes you stronger !

5. And suddenly, you have opinions about everything because you feel oh-so-intellectual.

6. You find it important to keep asserting you aren’t even buzzed every minute because ” abhi toh peeni shuru ki hai !”

7. Some of us go as far as sneakily putting ashtrays and salt & pepper shakers in our bags because “the waiter was being a jerk.”

8. You feel rich once you start drinking with your friends. Money ain’t a big deal. You order numerous rounds of drinks anyway!

9. The floor becomes particularly comfortable for you to rest your drunk self in.

10. You become a chronicler of your own life but the story is told with an accent no one understands but they laugh anyway because sab bhand hain yaar!

11. Not only does the slur appear on your tongue, it is also evident in your texts. No one understands what language you’ve used.

12. You become exceptionally vulnerable and nonchalantly tell everybody about your miseries.

13. You shamelessly stalk the accounts of your crush on ALL social networking sites and fixate over who that girl/boy with them was!

14. And ek peg ke baad chaal naa baddli toh kya mazza!

15. And after striking off half the things on your To-Do-When-Drunk List, you pass out.

Passing out now.