Indian teachers are adorable. They turn naughty, ignorant kids to beautiful, intelligent ladies and gentlemen. Everything that we are today, we owe to our teachers. While they are friendly sometimes, they’re often very strict with us. After all, handling a class full of naughty kids is a task in itself. While they do that successfully, there are some peculiar things that they say which might have scared us back then but now when we think about it, they were adorably cute. Here are 16 things that you would have heard your teachers say:

1. “This is not a fish market!”

2. “I will throw you out of the window.”


3. “Talk loudly! You didn’t have breakfast or what?”

4. “Your body is here but your mind is elsewhere.”

5. “This is the worst section of this class. Other sections are way better.”

6. “If you don’t want to study, get out of my class!”

But he actually means dare you get out of the class!

7. “Get your father’s signature on this. Otherwise, I will call him to school!”

8. “No sharing in my class. Get your own things!”

9. “I want pin drop silence in class!”

10. “Just 2 more minutes.” (10 minutes after the recess started)

11. “Tell me when you’re done talking.”

12. “Why are you laughing? Share the joke with the class. We will also laugh.”

13. “Sit properly! This is not your bedroom.”

14. “There will be a surprise test tomorrow.”

Source: Ibnlive

15. “Keep quiet! The principal is taking a round of the school.”

16. “What do you mean by forgot my notebook? Do you forget to eat?”

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Nostalgic much? Same here!