If you’re above the age of 25, we can guarantee that you’ve had a few beatings along the way to adulthood. Those days when we did something bad and we knew that we were going to get it when our parents got back home, still gives me nightmares! 

Let’s be honest here, our loving mothers are the masters of ‘ghar ki martial arts’ and they weren’t afraid to show it. Although we may find it harsh and brutal these days, those beatings kept us off the streets and taught us one very important lesson. Pain is the best teacher of them all! Honestly though, my mom was like Mr. T from Rocky 3 and I was Rocky. That’s to say I got my ass beat a lot.


If you were ever handed down an ideology changing beating like no other when you were a kid, these images will definitely take you back to a time when your mom was the final boss and you weren’t ready for the fury she was spitting!

Sweeping You Off Your Feet


When I was still a kid and would get thrashed just about everyday, I thought that the broom was an instrument of pain! All I knew was that when my mom brought out the broom, it was time for a royal beating.  

Full Blast Footwear


Chappals are way more than just footwear for mothers as it became their go-to choice of weaponry because they were always right there for them to pick up. My fear of that one pair of Bata chappals still keeps me up at night!

Kitchen Utensils


For mothers around the world, the kitchen was more than just a place to cook food it was her fully locked and loaded armoury! Legend has it that Roger Federer learned his backhand from my mom and her skills with a frying pan.

Coat Hangers Zindabad


The coat hanger was a my moms personal favourite ass-kicking tool! All I knew was that the coat hanger was coming and that I needed to exit the house, stage right! 

Belting Out A Beating


When our mothers got their hands on belts, you knew all bets were off! You were about to catch an earth-shattering ass-kicking of the highest order as your mom did her best Indiana Jones impression and whipped your naughty ass. 

The Stick Of Doom


Our moms always had that one stick that’s been polished to perfection, only to be used on you. I swear, for a while my mom was as good as Zorro as she carved a sick looking Z on my body. 

Knuckle Sandwich


The Knuckle Sandwich was a dreaded thing as it entailed your mom smacking you on the top of your head with her knuckles. I hated it as a kid and I still hate it now as it let you know that your mom was always watching. 

Stationary Target


The stationary box was a goodie bag filled with things that your mom knew could hurt you. Ever been hit with a wooden ruler? Well, we have and it’s no fun at all. 

The Good Old Backhand


Ahhhh, the weapon of choice when your mom decided to kick your ass, the backhand is as old as time itself. We think that cavemen were smacking their kids the same way. 

Close To The heart


And last but not least, anything that your mom could get her hands on. Be it the TV remote, an ash-tray, a coat brush, you name it and our moms have used them to beat our butts black and blue.

Sometimes, I’m glad that I got my ass whooped by my mom just so I had a bunch of insane stories to tell!