They say that eating chocolate releases chemicals in our brains that stimulate the very pleasure centers that are stimulated when we have sex. Well, chocolate is for losers. No, I take that back, chocolate rules all. But we’ve got you a list of things that do the exact thing that chocolate does – in far less scientifically provable ways – make you feel the orgasm feels.

I dare you to deny that the following things make our minds, bodies and souls tingle with pleasure.

1. Wiggling your pinky finger in your ear

David Wolfe

2. Popping bubble wrap

Sadda Haq

3. Taking a hot shower in the winter

Master Plumbing & Mechanical

4. Finally getting to pee after holding it in for a while

We Know Memes

5. A really good stretch-yawn combo

Deviant Art via Furlined

6. Cracking all your knuckles perfectly

Huffington Post

7. Taking off heels


8. Unhooking a bra – whether you’re a straight man or any woman


9. Sneezing an elusive sneeze

iScience Mag

10. Peeling off the plastic on new electronics

1000 Awesome Things

11. Stroking someone’s recently shaved head

Crooks And Liars

12. Almost dropping your phone but catching it at the last second

Angie’s List

13. Realising that two unrelated holidays that innocently fell on a Friday and a Monday just gave you a 4-day weekend.

Funny Pica

14. This. Godsent. Object.


15. Walking on rustle-y autumn leaves


16. Taking a majestic, effortless shit and feeling 3 kilos lighter


Toh bhaiyon aur behnon… dhoondne se toh bhagwan bhi mil jaata hai, orgasm kya cheez hai. Are there any orgasmic jewels of life that we forgot? Tell us in the comments.