Couples fight over petty things all the time. Things like, “Why didn’t you text me?”, “Why was your phone busy for one hour?”, “Why did you come back so late?” are certain things that are heard and dealt with every day. But not all fights put a damper on your bliss. Most of these fights are harmless, and can even be fun. It’s not about winning; it’s just about pushing the other person’s buttons for a little extra attention. Here are some small but potential reasons that can cause a fight with your significant other:

1. The T.V. remote. 

Choosing between a cricket match and the latest episode of Orange is the New Black is bound to be challenging. Someone has to bend. And if they are not willing to, then…

2. The blue ticks on WhatsApp.

So they have read your message but aren’t replying. Hell, that just spells break-up!

3. The music in the car.

“I hate this track, change it right away!”… “No way! It’s my favourite.” The battle of whose playlist will play during the ride is the toughest of all.

4. The sides of the bed.

You think you love them and then you suddenly realise they take up 3/4th of the entire bed and most of the blanket. Not acceptable!

5. The toilet rules.

You cannot help but take offence when he doesn’t put the toilet lid down and leaves the toilet paper rolling over. Day ruined!

6. The “You switch off the light” fight.

Just the thought of giving up the comfort of your cozy, comfortable bed for even a second, that too after a tiring day, makes you angry. This rivalry with your sweetheart sometimes goes so far that you even consider sleeping with the lights on until one of you gives in. Undoubtedly, flicking that switch without an “It’s your turn” fight is the rarest thing ever!

7. Family functions.

Her grandmom’s niece’s son is getting married in the middle of the week. Try escaping this and you are sure to invite a tiff!

8. And the biggest question, who gets the mirror?

‘Women take longer to get dressed’ is now a myth. Recent studies have revealed that men are the ‘high maintenance’ ones with all their cleansing, toning and moisturising regime.

9. “I don’t have anything to wear for the party tonight.”

Choosing an appropriate outfit for the occasion isn’t an easy job, not at least when you have multiple options lying in front of you. But, know that this might instigate bae, especially if he/she has to wait for more than 5 minutes.

10. The ‘ideal’ temperature setting of AC.

The air conditioning war is something almost all of us have experienced. One person likes it on the warmer side, and the other prefers it a little cooler. Instead of trying to come to a compromise, most couples just go back and forth, turning it up or down, driving the other person crazy.

11. Your SO digging into your favourite pack of Lay’s 

When it’s time to share a pack of Lay’s, every person around you is your enemy, including bae. But trust me, getting into this playful fight is totally worth it! #lovetoloveit

Feature Image Source: Shutterstock