Our society is weird, it believes in things it shouldn’t and questions everything else that makes sense. Of course, that leaves space for a lot of literal and figurative scams. But our lack of confrontation manages to keep them alive. It’s like we live in denial.

And these Redditors have proof:

1. “The 28 day months invented by telecom companies. Instead of 12, we have to recharge for 13 months in a year.”


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2. “Employment bond – pay the company if you quit within 2 years.”


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3. “College kar le uske baad tu apni marzi ka maalik hai.”


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4. “IIT coaching centres.”


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5. “Security deposit while renting a place.”


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6. “Adulting.”


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7. “Arranged Marriage.”


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8. “Tere liye chand tod launga.”


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9. “Pyramid schemes.”


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10. “Green tea.”


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11. “When parents say, “Koi hai toh bata de hum kuch nahi kahengey, we just want you to be happy”.”


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12. “Maggi advertising that their noodles cook in 2 minutes or less.”


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Wow, that was a roller coaster.