All the Ghaziabad waale, please pay attention ‘coz this one is for you. So, today, I was on YouTube and ended up rewatching a video on Nazar Battu‘s channel about how a guy faces rejection on a date ‘coz he is from Mohan Nagar. This one…

Anyway, the scenes where this South Delhi girl city-shames the guy for being a Ghaziabadi, truly mirror the reality of how the residents of this city are often judged with raised eyebrows. This made me curate a list of all the ridiculous statements I have heard in my life for being a Ghaziabad resident myself.

Here are 14 such lines that every Ghaziabad waala is tired of hearing:

1. Tumhare yahan light barabar aati hai?

Bro, nahin hum toh andhere mein rehte hain. In case you don’t read the news, power cuts are happening in whole country.

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2. Ghaziabad? Oh you mean Vaishali/Indirapuram-waala area?

Ghaziabad is not just Vaishali and Indirapuram. It has other areas too like Raj Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Crossing Republic, and Mohan Nagar as well. I’m sure you never explored them.


3. Tum log shopping kahan se karte ho? Malls hain kya wahan?

Explore Turab Nagar in Old Ghaziabad and Shipra Mall in Indirapuram. Baaki you know Myntra and Amazon hamare yahan bhi deliver karte hain.


4. Online shopping karte hue toh COD hi dalte honge na?

No, we don’t always opt for cash on delivery unless there is a server error on the shopping website. And this is definitely not the habit of Ghaziabad residents but a technical issue that anyone can go through.


5. Ghaziabad tak metro jaati hai?

Dude, kaunse zamaane mein jee rahe ho? Stop boasting that only you have such facilities. Ghaziabad is a developing city and we have metro too. Ek baar metro map par nazar daal lete to ye nahin puchte.


6. Is it near Faridabad?

Main keh rahi hoon naa, seriously, just type Ghaziabad on Google Maps in your phone. Now, don’t ever ask this geographically-retarded question again.

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7. Tumhare yahaan shaadiyon mein katte chal jaate hain na?

Even I am against this practice but not every phuphaji fires these celebratory gunshots in weddings. Stop stereotyping Ghaziabad ‘coz this happens in other parts of Uttar Pradesh as well. In fact, in Iran too.


8. Bro, I can’t come. I am afraid I might get mugged there.

Well, anyone can be mugged anywhere. It’s just about the bad luck. Iss darr se toh you shouldn’t go to Bangalore as well ‘coz mugging happens there too. Be safe and that’s it.


9. Kisi bhai-waai se jaan-pehchaan hai kya?

Haan kaafi faila hua business hai! Just ‘coz we live in Ghaziabad we automatically have the jaan-pehchaan with gangsters? Stop no? Zilla Ghaziabad dekh kar aaye ho kya?


10. Are you from Mohan Nagar?

Agar hai bhi toh kya? The area has Mohan Meakin Breweries, World Square Mall, and Mohan Nagar Temple. Also, Hindon Air Force Station is located a few kilometres away from there. Old Monk peete time do baar sochna ab.


11. Tum doston ke sath chill kahan karte ho?

Hum toh Hindon river ke paas picnic manaate hain, aaoge? Dude, explore karoge nahin toh pata kaise chalega? We have Skyhouse, Imperfecto, and Chaayos too.


12. Ye Delhi-NCR mein aata hai ya UP mein?

Well, Ghaziabad is a city of Uttar Pradesh which comes under Delhi-NCR. Clear ho gaya ya mai aur bolun? For more information, please Google.


13. Meri Tinder date Ghaziabad se hai, kya karun mana kardun?

Dude, ek kaam kar dating chhod tu ghar waalon ki pasand se shaadi karle. Judgemental kahin ka!


14. Kitna bhi defend karlo, padhne toh hamari city mein hi aate ho

Institute of Management Technology ka naam suna hai? IMT mein bahot jagah se log padhne aate hain. In case you don’t know, Prasoon Joshi, Sachin Pilot, and Mini Mathur have studied from this institution.

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Time and again, Ghaziabad is stereotyped for its ‘gunda-gardi’ and the local language that people use here. However, the experience depends on the area of the city where you have been at.

Several Bollywood movies have been shot here like Zilla Ghaziabad, Ginny Weds Sunny, Sui Dhaaga, and Jai Mummy Di. And do you know celebrities like Suresh Raina and Lara Dutta are from Ghaziabad?

I just wish to say that every city has its pros and cons. As someone who was born and brought up here, Ghaziabad will always remain close to my heart. While I was away from the city for 3-4 years, I have now noticed that it has gone through immense transformation in recent times. Toh aao kabhi haveli pe!