There are these certain creepy days when you desperately have to reach a place on time, be it your office, college or a casual outing and nothing, absolutely nothing, goes right. It’s as though everything conspires against you to get you late, right from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you reach the place, you just get more and more LATE! And you end up wondering: do these things happen only to you?

Itni shiddat se humne time par aane ki koshish ki hai… k i har zarre ne hame late karne ki saazish ki hai…

The answer is no. It happens with everyone of us. Here are 19 things that are most likely to happen with you when you are already running late.

1. Of all days, it’s this day when the alarm decides to go silent.

Because it had nothing against you Einstein, YOU snoozed it 6 times!

2. The bathroom is always occupied.

No, you can’t skip bathing because it’s already been 3 days.

3. That one shirt that you wanted to wear so much will be all crumpled up.

And there’ll be no electricity to iron it.

4. You’ll find just one shoe from the pair.

Because the other has been pushed into a black hole called ‘under-the-bed’.

5. Your car will be sandwiched between 2 other cars.

And the owner would be taking his morning dump. Another 15 minutes gone.

6. As soon as you hit the road, the skies will open up to you…

…in the most unlikely weather conditions. Enjoy the rainbow mate, because you’re stuck here for an hour now.

7. You get stuck in a huge jam.

While the other side of the road is as deserted as Anupam Kher’s head.


8. You run like Milkha Singh and still miss the metro/bus. And the next one is 12 minutes later.

Is yatra seva me thoda vilamb hoga… asuvidha ke liye khed hai.

9. All the bikers of the world would know only one route on this day. And that is your route!

As if your car has developed a magnetic force, pulling these bikers to you!

10. 9 out of 10 times you’ll get away when you break a traffic rule but when you are late…


11. The green signal would play peek-a-boo with you!

And turn red just when you thought of crossing through.

12. You’ll constantly feel you have forgotten something at home.

Half way through, you realise it’s your phone.

13. Or if you have the phone with you, it would be taking its last breaths.

Now you can’t even inform that you’ll be late!

14. Your car/bike will break down for the most stupidest reason.

It rained yesterday, so your car has got a cold now. Deal with it.

15. You’ll meet huge boilers and pillars lying for construction in your route.

Sometimes just for the fun of it!

16. Your car runs out of petrol and practices sadism on you.

Just when you are finally about to cry, it starts suddenly to enjoy that look on your face.

17. You finally reach your destination and now the elevator plays pranks with you.

After 5 minutes of travelling up and down, the doors open up at the same level you boarded it.

18. When you enter the elevator, people will hit all buttons, left, right and centre, except your floor.

And you feel it would have been better if you’d taken the staircase.

19. Of all the days, your boss/professor will be early to work/college on this particular day.

And will be waiting to give you a little surprise!

See, God throws these little hints that perhaps, it is not your day. So just stop trying and enjoy your day at home. Because the world’s not going to fall apart if you did not reach someplace one day, on time!