Have you ever wondered about a certain living/non living thing that you wish didn’t exist in 2022? If yes, then you might find this article relatable AF. Things like poverty, war, inequality, and what not. Yeah? Well, there are many on the list.


So, recently, a Reddit user caught our attention for asking, ‘What has no reason to exist in 2022 and yet it does?’

Ignorance. We literally carry all the information of the world in our pocket  


A Redditor responded saying, ‘wars’ to which, another one replied:

As long as capitalism and imperialism exist, there will always be war.  


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Funny, right?

While some of them are clearly jokes, quite a few people focussed on the harsh realities of life.

Religion…Hunger…Lack of clean water…Extreme poverty…  


Hate of any kind (racism, bigotry, religion, gender, LGBT etc…)  


Nobody else has said it, so, here are a few more things/practices that have no place in a civilised world: toxic culture and gaslighting at workplaces, women entering in the temple during menstruation, bad remixes of classic tracks, nepotism, marital rape, etc.