90s was a precious era that all desi millennials cherish the most. While many people spent their childhood during this time period, some of them were adulting back then. Naturally, those 90s memories keep rushing back, making desis feel nostalgic from time to time as we grow older. Cos boss! for the most of us, life is not-so sorted in this age. I mean, how can anyone forget carrying floppy disks for data storage or making phone call on a landline? Certainly, I can’t.

Just like a bunch of netizens, who are recalling their 90s memories on Reddit. Speaking of which, a Redditor user asked, “What was normal in the 1990s but rare or non existent now?” And believe me, its thread will remind you of good old days.

Let’s delve into what Redditors are sharing on the thread:

1. Floppy disks

Floppy Disks. My parents had a file cabinet full of those things.  



2. Disposable cameras

Taking your disposable camera to get developed, and having no idea if any of your pictures were even usable until you got the pictures back.  



3. CRT monitors

Horribly heavy CRT monitor screens.  



4. VCRs and video games

Renting movies, video games, vcrs, and game consoles.  



5. CD binders

Keeping a binder full of CDs in your car.  



6. Landline phones

Landline home phones. And having to talk to your friends parents for a couple minutes while you waited for your friend to come to the phone.  


MX Player

7. Looking for movie timings in newspaper

Calling the movie theatre or looking in the paper for movie times.


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8. Remembering phone numbers

Remembering at least 4 important phone numbers.  


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9. Visiting friends’ house unannounced

Showing up at your friend’s place unannounced. Now you gotta send a text 4 years in advance.


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10. Slap bracelets

Those fucking slap bracelets.  



11. Cassettes

Listening to cassettes on my walkman.  



12. Newspapers

Newspapers! They were still highly relevant up into the late 90s and early 2000s. Want to sell something? Place an personal ad. Need the showtimes for a movie? Go to the entertainment section. Current events? Comics? The actual news? It was all right there.  


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13. Playing outside

Playing outside with your whereabouts unknown until the streetlights came on.  


Yeh Meri Family

14. Fighting with siblings for computer

Fighting with your siblings over whose turn it is on the computer. Fighting for the dial up internet.  


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15. Cursive writing

Learning cursive at school.  




Telephone booths.  


India Times

17. Yellow pages-wali phone directory

Yellow Pages.  


Economic Times

18. Microsoft DOS’ skills

Basic knowledge of ms dos  


Venture Beat

Cake-samosa-waali birthday parties, pooping without smartphone in hand, and fixing antenna on rooftop are some of the things that we remember from the 90s era.

So, which one of these things sent you to a sad nostalgic trip?