The thing about us 90s kids is that we feel really old these days. I mean, we are in our late 20s, but god damn all this stress! Besides, every now and then we come across something from our childhood and realise just how old these things are!

1. Kids born in 2002 are now 18 years old!


2. The year 2050 is closer to us today than 1990. 


3. Sam Neill, who played Alan Grant is now older than the late Sir Richard Attenborough was when he played John Hammond in Jurassic Park.

Avant Et Apres

4. Shaka Laka Boom Boom ended almost 17 years ago. 

Top Yaps

5. Kids born after MS Dhoni’s international debut will be writing their 10th board exams in 2021. 


6. The image on the left is from God of War 1(2005) and the image on the right is from God of War 4(2018).


7. Harry is now older than he was during the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II

Cinema Blend

8. Brazilian footballer Ronaldo retired 10 years ago. 

As English

9. Roger Federer won his first grand slam almost 18 years ago in 2003. 

Sporting News

10. Teletubbies first aired in the year 1997. That’s almost 24 years ago. 


11. The first PlayStation was released by Sony in 1994.

NBC News

12. The candy, Mango Bite first made it to the Indian market in 1989, making it about 32 years old now.  

Exporters India

13. Cartoon Network launched in 1992 and used to be good back then. 

TV Over Mind

14. The iconic Road Rash released in 1991. 

Fiction Talk

15. The first time we heard ‘EA Sports- It’s in the game’ was 29 years ago. 


And everyone born in 1990/91 will be 30 years old. So good luck with that.