Don’t know why but suddenly there’s this trend of playing with poor millennials’ emotions in the most brutal way possible.

“Coldplay is finally coming to India.”

Millennials: Yayy!

“Are you ready for it?”

Millennials: Fuck yeah!

“Okay, the tickets starts from 25K!”

Millennials: New phone who dis?

I mean we are now prepared and we don’t even look forward to the new iPhone launches but then all these expensive concerts! Now in 2017, Justin Beiber is coming to India and the ticket prices are as high as 76K. Now, unless you have a goose that lays golden eggs at home, you wouldn’t really go about buying the tickets, so we compiled a list of (comparatively sane) things that you can do in the same budget. Take a look.

1. A week’s supply of Old Monk – 190 full bottles

Considering there are still a week or two left for winters to conclude, you can stack up 190 bottles of your favourite Rum. And just kidding, it’s more than a week’s supply, maybe two!


2. 76,000 Pulse candies

You can have your entire quota of Pulse candies for almost the next 2-3 years. So, Beiber < Pulse, right?


3. More than 5,000 cigarettes 

Tar, itna tar jo aapko beemar, bohot beemar bana sakta hai.

Insider Monkey

4. Over 3,000 Oreo biscuit packets

Who wouldn’t want a huge collection of Oreo biscuits at their home? And, we are pretty sure they would last much more than the Bieber concert (probably).

Healthy wild and free

5. More than 2,000 Coke bottles (500 ml)

Since we told you that you can buy so many Old Monk bottles, we had to tell you that you can buy a lot of coke too.

Coca Cola

6. Almost 4,000 Lays packets

Enough chips for a few weeks and enough air to survive a mission to Mars.


7. An Apple iPhone 7 (128 GB)

I know it sounds like a dream but you can buy the new iPhone 7, 128 GB at just 70K. Yes, you get to buy the latest iPhone and save 6K to eat for the rest of the month.


8. A DSLR with an amazing lens

So, the choice is yours, if you want to see Beiber take off his shirt in front of you or you want to be an owner of a good DSLR that will make you everyone’s favourite guy in the group.

9. Maldives – 7 nights stay on the cruise package

An international trip, 7 nights on a cruise, meals on full board, what else do you need? And all this at 16K less than the concert tickets of Justin Beiber.

Make My Trip

10. A cool new bike

You could be a hero in a couple of thousand rupees less than the concert tickets of Justin Beiber and finally make that Ladakh trip happen.

Bike Dekho

11. Two Drone Cameras with HD recording

The latest revolution of the camera industry, which allows you to take breathtaking aerial shots. Yeah, you can get two of those in a much lesser amount that the concert tickets.

12. Rent a Limousine

If you have weird fantasies you can even rent a limo for almost 7 hours and feel like one of the richest humans that walked the earth.

Luxury Limo

13. Apple MacBook Air

“Baby baby baby, ohhh” or a handy technologically advanced MacBook?


14. 55-inch LED TV

Hey, you can also buy a big TV for much less and watch the entire Justin Beiber concert on VH1.


15. A second-hand Nano car

You can also fulfill the dream of buying a car for yourself.

Car Dekho

16. A leather sofa

Upgrade to the luxurious lifestyle instead of a one day show off on Facebook, maybe?

17. 4 Moto X Play phones

Not one, not two, you can fuckin’ buy four power packed android phones for the same amount. 

18. Two split ACs

Well, even after buying two you will be left with a couple of thousand bucks. Sounds like a plan?


So, if by any chance you were considering to buy the tickets for 76K, we have given you other alternatives, choose wisely.