Everyone hates meetings and the worst part is that there is no escaping them. You end up having to sit with people you don’t want to sit with and talk about things you don’t want to talk about for what feels like eternity. But over the years, we have figured out several ways to survive the ordeal. Here are 10 things we all do to distract ourselves during meetings:

1. Doodling

Everyone purposefully carries notepads and pens to a meeting with the full intention of jotting down pointers. But all we really do is doodle. Doodles that even Michelangelo would’ve been proud of!

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2. Zone out

Probably the easiest and safest thing to do. Stare into a blank space and take a trip down memory lane. Best if you can look at the guy who is talking and nod intermittently as if you’re paying attention!

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3. Texting

Now this is an art. Many of us can type on our phones without looking but even the best of us need to look at the phone to read texts. Highly risky, but frequently executed nevertheless!

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4. Surf the web

While surfing on the phone is risky, it’s safe if you’re carrying a laptop to the meeting. Pretend to be doing something relevant to the meeting but do whatever you want. Make sure you turn off the volume!


5. Chat online

This way you can stay connected with the outside world during a boring meeting. Also, you can look up every now and then to pretend that you’re still here!


6. Play games on the laptop

Highly risky but the most entertaining point on this list. Chances of getting caught are very, very high but if you can pull it off, well, hats off to you sir!

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7. Talk

Again, the chances of someone noticing are high but practised nevertheless since meetings immemorial. Those who can whisper softly have an edge!

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8. Converse with a notepad

Another great use of the hallowed notepads we carry into meetings. Both parties can write in them and have a conversation without uttering a word.

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9. Play games on the notepad

Multiplayer, obviously. Games like criss cross and dots and boxes can be played with a colleague. Make sure no one notices!

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10. Sleep

Another high risk option but definitely the most gratifying. Possible only if there are several members in the meeting so that you can find a nice, little corner at the back and take a nap. Be careful not to snore!

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So how do you while away time during boring meetings? Please let us know in the comments section.